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Media Kit

Pricing and Placement Opportunities

The following rates reflect an annual pricing structure. Your company's listing appears in the NY Title Insurance Guide year-round.


A basic listing is free of charge to NYSLTA Members and includes the vendor’s company name, address and phone number. Please contact our partner YourMembership at media@yourmembership.com to receive a complimentary basic listing. These basic listings can be upgraded to an enhanced paid listing. These paid listings include:

  • Additional company information including: company logo, tagline, website URL, email address, fax, full HTML description with embedded links, embedded Google map and complete contact information for the primary contact of the organization
  • Larger listing size and placement above all basic free listings
  • Company logo placement and tagline on the directory category and search results page
  • Placement within up to 20 categories of the company's choice
  • Enhanced search engine optimization of listing contents

There are three options for a paid listing within the buyer’s guide:

  • Enhanced Listing – This listing will appear in up to five categories within the directory and appear in alphabetical order above the basic free listings [ Annual Fee of $349 ]
  • Deluxe Listing – This guarantees placement on the first page within a category. Deluxe Listings are available on a first come, first served basis for each category. [ Adds $99 per Sub-Category ]
  • Premium Listing – This guarantees placement within the first three results of a category. Premium Listings are available, on a first come, first served basis for each category selected by the vendor. [ Adds $799 per Sub-Category]

Banner Ads

There are four banner ad zones on the homepage and sub-pages of the directory:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90): $2,000
  • Skyscraper Left Column (120 x 600): $1,350
  • Skyscraper Right Column (120 x 600): $1,250
  • Footer (728 x 90): $1,000

All banners must be in one of the following formats GIF, JPG or PNG and be less than 250KB in size. Animations should be less than 15 seconds in duration.

Homepage Featured Listing: There are three text-only zones on the homepage that allow companies to enhance exposure of their listings. These featured listing zones can be shared with up to eight additional advertisers, ensuring a minimum 33 percent audience exposure rate. The price of a Homepage Featured Listing is $750.

Terms and Conditions

The information in NYTitleInsuranceGuide.com is provided for the purpose of connecting consumers, attorneys, real estate agents, bankers, mortgage brokers (and others in the land evidencing and settlement services industries) and title professionals with NYSLTA members for legitimate business purposes. NYSLTA does not condone or approve of companies or individuals extracting information from this membership directory to build their own marketing database or to conduct wholesale (spam) marketing activities. Please be aware that any company or individual that violates this policy is subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act [TCPA] [47 U.S.Code Section 227] which provides what can amount to substantial penalties for its violation.

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